Yearly Archives: 2015

It’s December!!  The beginning of advent!  I have officially turned on the snow.

Each day leading up to xmas I will put up another pretty picture from the last couple of busy months.


For the first day of Christmas I give to you this festive jumper wearing smiler:




For the second day of Christmas we have a little boy that turns 7 today and his sweet little sister against beautiful autumn leaves:



On the Third day of Christmas, it was my Dad’s birthday.  Sadly, he didn’t make it to celebrate his 40th, leaving this world at the ripe age of 39, eighteen and a half years ago.   I only seem to have one photo of us together.  I like it.  He’s fairly bemused by the fact that I am picking my nose on a ferry journey one summer.  My lovely little brother being about 1 or so and me about 3.  This was before he had a big dragon tattooed on his forearm (my dad, not my younger brother!).  Happy Birthday Dad, wherever you are!



On the Fourth day of Christmas, two cutie pie siblings:



On the Fifth day of Christmas a sparkly eyed beauty:



On the Sixth day of Christmas her sweet little brother:



On the Seventh day of Christmas three flying big boys:



On the Eighth day of Christmas a cute little reindeer:



On the Ninth day of Christmas a happy family:



On the Tenth day of Christmas two loving little boys:



On the Eleventh day of Christmas a family by the Rhine:



On the Twelfth day of Christmas twins in the Peaks:



On the Thirteenth day of Christmas it is snowing leaves:



On the Fourteenth day of Christmas some big brown eyes:



On the Fifteenth day of Christmas a lovely woffy dog:


Given that I used to live in this area, I didn’t know about this little sweet area in the Peaks – I should be ashamed.  I’ve been up the road a lot (mainly The Fox House pub) and have even rock climbed around here, but somehow I missed this lovely area.  I will be back, for sure either walking, with my daughter or with another fun family.

Scrolling down these photos, I think you can guess that this super fut mummy is actually a sports teacher.  I was seriously impressed when she flew up in the air in style when her hubby gave her a back lift.  She knew exactly what was going down.

The meeting point that we had was at the ice cream vans at the top of the road.  I was hoping I wouldn’t miss it, but there was little chance of that.  A sweet reward at the end of a fab photoshoot.  Thanks for having fun with me.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of your photos, check out that true sisterly love in the middle.



I didn’t blog this session, but there is a double page spread in the album that I put together for her.  I think looks really lovely together, so here it is instead of a full blog.  What a beautiful girl.