Monthly Archives: April 2015

I was invited to have Easter dinner with my awesome and wonderful friend out in Derbyshire.  This is a friend that I have rowed with, worked with, partied with, traveled to China and Tibet with and have been bridesmaid (and photographer) for this lovely lass .  Plenty of memories and the just the most supportive, understanding, thoughtful and encouraging person.

To say thank you I took along my camera and got a few shots of her two absolutely gorgeous boys!  Well, four of her gorgeous boys if you count hubby and dad!  I even got my tyres pumped up on my car by the eldest boy.  Brilliant!

Always wonderful to see you friend.  I love you!


I’m really happy how my job takes me to different places and when I get to see families grow regardless of where they or I live.  I’ve taken pictures for previous clients in their holiday chalets, whilst visiting them when they have moved countries and now for this family when we have both moved back to the UK.

What makes this family even more unique is that they have moved to the area where I used to grow up and their little boy will go to school in the village that I spent my most memorable and happy childhood years.  So lovely to be part of these big circles.  I took photos of this cheeky chappie for his first year and then throughout 2012 when I did my popular 4-Seasons sessions.  We had a Spring session before both they and I moved back to the UK and now almost a year later back in (rainy, yes, it was raining) UK.

I was a little early as I wasn’t sure how long it would take and I was taking some time to find the house, but this was actually really great because as mum and dad were getting ready I got to have some chatty and photo taking time with this little boy and his very patient cat.  We had some fun:


Now, not only was it raining, but poor mum had also sprained her ankle.  But.. the show must go on.  We got some nice family snaps too, I love how the cat is sitting so perfectly in the mirror photo:


Looking forward to hopefully seeing your gorgeous village in the Autumn!  I really enjoyed driving in and around the roads that I learnt to drive on way back when.  I grew up in little villages in the shires and have really fond memories.