Monthly Archives: April 2016

I was greeted at this shoot with gifts of leaves that had been picked especially for me.  Straight off the bat, this little man was just the sweetest, most loving little boy.  When it was time for us to part ways after our camera playdate he gave me a massive big squeezy hug and declared that he would miss me *sooo* much.  Wow!  He totally made my day.  His big sister was not without her charms either.  It’s not surprising when you meet the parents.  Adorable family, in one of my favourite ares in Basel where I would often run at lunchtime and think that it would make a great location for a photoshoot.  We ended up in front of some pretty great graffiti for a little bit of a more urban backdrop.

I love how through the editing process I get to re-live the whole shoot again.  It’s amazing that photos have that ability to take you back to that place and time when they were taken.  Magic.