~ Big Blue Eyes ~

I’ve been working a lot lately, but not much on clients work per-say. I’ve been tidying up my archives, creating proofing books of all my delivered work to date and updating some of my samples and working on new ideas too. So, it was really great to walk up to a client door and spend a couple of hours with a family again. I have a very busy year ahead of me and it’s all going to start getting busy again from now. I have 8 shoots planned for April and a trip to the beautiful Whitehall Farm again for the Spring Season and to see all the lambs that have been born lately.

Here is the gorgeous little boy that I had the pleasure of spending time with. Last time you saw him was for his newborn session. He has the most adorable big blue eyes that match his older brother (the beautiful Siamese pictured below). Thanks for letting me play, sing you songs and take some lovely pictures of you. Looking forward to seeing you again later in the year.

Mummy, you’re so funny!

The older brother:

  • Lin Parker - Hi I just thought i would stop by and tell you how good your blog is and how stunning your photos are.

    Best Regards

    All things bright and beautiful

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