~ Beautiful Eyes ~

I’ve never seen so many amazing pairs of eyes in one family. Gorgeous long dark lashes and beautifully coloured eyes on everybody! I’d met mum and the youngest two before and thought they had amazing eyes, just like their mum – then I met dad and I can totally see where all the kids get it from – a combination of both.

Take a look at these:

Here is the eldest with the youngest:

Pair three great looking kids with an amazingly friendly doggy – that was so keen to be a part of the action, sometimes sitting herself down right in front of me like she wanted to help – and a garden that is refered to as a park from some of the kids’ friends and we have an ideal setting for a shoot. The very friendly little doggie being given lots of love from everyone:

Then a walk down the road to the most amazing trail under the shading trees:

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