~ Braving the cold ~

I had a very brave family the other week that were up for a full family photoshoot in town – in the bitter cold!!! Wrapped up *very* warm, we had half of our shoot and then nipped into Starbucks to warm up and then carried on for the second half. Coming from the US where it doesn’t usually get that cold, this was something new for the boys. Well done for braving the cold with me and I look forward to seeing you again soon, when I can show you your full set of photos.

Look at this gorgeous toothless grin:

A very handsome big brother:

Don’t they look so adorable together – especially against the lovely red brick of the Munster:

A pretty silhouette, looking out to the Rhine:

Another great Basel landmark – The Elizabethan Church:

And a funny one at the end for these two brothers that are clearly very close. Makes me miss my two brothers:

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