~ 4 Seasons shoots – Winter #2 ~

A week after my first set of Winter shoots, I had my second set. Apologies for only just getting round to putting this blog up. Expect your full set of images a LOT sooner!!

So, a special announcement first. I have a little helper, well, one and a bit little helpers right now (she is currently expecting her third baby). The amazing and beautiful Naomi has already started and will continue to help me with my business this year. I am very excited to have such a talented person to help me with the back end of all things Claire Pearson Photography. So far, she has already helped me create and complete spreadsheets that I have been meaning to do for a long while, been an ear to bend on new ideas I have and has made research trips more fun, by accompanying me. There will be some more exciting design tasks in store for her too. Thank you very much for joining me on my crazy adventure running my own business, Naomi. We just need to find you an offical title now! Here she is..

Her hubby throwing a snowball:

at their son!

Two cute kids, I look forward to meeting and taking photos of the one baking in the oven:

Here is a little sneak preview of the other shoots I had that day, you can see from these first two images how cold it was!!

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