~ More fun in France ~

It’s pretty cool living in the part of Switzerland that I do. Both France and Germany are right on my doorstep, literally minutes away sometimes. I’ve been running in the forest and have found myself popping over to France and back before. It’s amazing to see the difference in less than 10 minutes. The houses are so much more varied and colourful in France too. I love all the open fields and small villages too.

I found myself over in France for this shoot and the family had moved into a new place, so I was happy to find their new amazing home. It really is amazing too, so many beautiful features with a lovely spacious garden too. Last time the youngest girl fell in the pond during our session, so as long as she stayed dry, I was happy! This time the grandparents were there, so it was nice to include them in on the shoot too.

I do love this family – the kids are so sweet and lovely. So different from each other too and it was great to see mum again and catch up. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!

Playing in the garden:

Everyone together:

Bouncing on the trampoline! I had a go too:

With the grandparents:

Three beautiful individuals:

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