~ Play date in Zurich ~

Shoot 1 in Zurich, a family that I saw a couple of years ago when this little girl didn’t have these gorgeous curls. This time we met up in the center of Zurich – on a day when the center of town was closed off to cars!! We managed to meet up and to warm the kids up a little. Here I tried to get them to just stand side by side and hold hands. Clearly they had a completely different idea! I love spirited kids, even if they do make my job a teensy bit more tricksy:

Cheeky little racer:

Best friends:

Gorgeous curls and eyes:

Then at the very end of our shoot the kids started playing around the tree together and I couldn’t help but get this shot:

Super cute. These siblings just love playing with each other. Suss!

  • ED - Claire, you’re a genius! Thanks for this sneak preview and we look forward to seeing the rest. Thanks again for a great morning with you last week x

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