Come rain or shine

There are lots of things to think about when you have a photoshoot, there are also lots of things to worry about – including the weather.  However, I want to reassure you that even if the weather isn’t brilliant I can still take some fantastic photos for you.  These gorgeous twins arrived prepared with matching Hunter wellies and umbrellas – their entire outfits were from Squirts on Ecclesall Road.  How gorgeous are they!!  I was so close to postponing, but so glad that we didn’t.



  • Happy at home » Claire Pearson Photography - […] Now Sheffield is an awesome city.  I love it and I am very happy here.  However, it isn’t well known for being the sunniest spot in the UK.  This is not really a problem for those that chose to live here, but for a lifestyle photographer it can bring some apprehension to your clients if your photoshoot is scheduled for a day in which it ends up pouring it down.  I want to show that even if it is raining that I can get some awesome photos of you and your family at home in the place you love – even if it’s really not that big or bright.  Or embrace the rain, like these gorgeous twins did! […]

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