~ A morning by the Rhine ~

Sunday morning and I am cycling down through town to the Rhine, it’s fresh, it’s not too warm and it’s not too busy. Life is good!

Another well-loved family is leave Basel to move onto the next phase in their life and I’m happy to be able to take some location photos for them before they leave. The Rhine ferries are quite special in Basel and are often a popular choice as a photoshoot activity. The little boy started out a little shy, not even looking at me and quite quickly swung completely the other way. This pictures kind of summarises him up I think:

He is the middle child, with an older sister and a little baby brother. Both older siblings were so sweet holding their 8 week old baby brother:

Here is a more serene portrait of the eldest, a girl with two younger brothers – just like me.

We even got some giggles from the baby. He was just sweet and adorable. I got to have a nice little cuddle with him too and he was coo-ing away contently. Babies smell so good!

We went on a trip back and forth on the ferry, one way we had the whole thing to ourselves, which was nice. Then the baby fell asleep with his protective siblings, I think he was sneaking a little look here to see if I was still there snapping away:

Finally, an arty picture of the Rhine ferry at the Munster. Very Basel:

Enjoy your new adventures the other side of the pond.

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