A special gift

This is something I have put together for Maia’s daddy for Fathers day, I’m pretty pleased with how it came out:



I’ve ordered it as an acrylic stand, which has these nice details:



It has an Aluminium Dibond backing, then a high quality print topped with an acrylic glass front.  The result is a beautiful piece of contemporary art that looks great anywhere.  I have quite a few of these in different sizes.  Here there is a desktop holder that will allow you to display on a desk/shelf etc.  It also allows for a more streamlined storage option and interchangeable images.

If anyone is interested in having a similar item – either with the name of your child, a family member’s name or even a pet?  I would just need a handful of images of your child (of which I can edit) and I can put the order in.  Orders usually take up to two weeks to arrive.

Leave me a comment below (It won’t be published) if you are interested.  The DADDY image is ordered at 30x10cm and would cost £35 if you provide me with the images.

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