A few things about me:

I'm British.


My favourite relaxing pastime is knitting. In times past it used to be running (alas, not much since giving birth to my delightful daughter - one day I'll run a marathon again).


When I first came to Basel I brought with me only some clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, a shuttle computer (very small desktop PC, no monitor) and my cello in order to live a more simple life. It worked... for a while.


I am the eldest of three, my two other siblings being brothers, Dan and Tom.


There is a 13 year gap between me and my youngest brother.


I grew up in small southern villages in the UK.


I have a degree from the University of Sheffield in Mathematics and Philosophy.


I really wish there was a real fish and chip shop here in Basel. Just one. (Nordsee doesn't count!)


Same goes for a M&S.


In the right mood my eyes can change colour and become fluorescent green.


I love taking pictures.