Beach time in Basel

Another family in their 7th year with me.  This time, they took me somewhere I had never been to in Basel – the beach!!  To get there, we had to bypass the world, then follow the Rhine a little.  I’d seen this part of Basel from a friends balcony, but I’d never actually been over there.  It’s a perfect little quiet corner of Basel and one that I hope to return to.  With the Rhine as low as it was, this left us with a nice pebbly beach to skim stones from.

We always have our annual photoshoot as close as we can to Miss L’s birthday.  Notice that this gorgeous 8 year old had a very special present for her birthday this year – her ears were pierced.  Again, how are these little ones growing up so fast?   I think we got a record number of outfit changes on this shoot too.  Great job mum for getting everything looking so perfect!



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