~ Blond curls and baby bump ~

It’s always great to see this family, we’ve already been through quite a lot together, here, here, here, here and here! Phew! It’s just heartwarming to see families that you know so well grow, especially when you get to know their stories that lead up to you getting to know each other. We had a beautiful sunny morning together and took the opportunity to get out and about in their city of Zurich.

Inspired by a previous shoot with a moving tram, we tried this again with the expecting couple:

And one on the tram of big brother giving his new sibling a cuddle:

A little bit of culture down by the lake, enjoying the art:

A very inquisitive boy enjoying watching the ducks:

This little lad has enjoyed being photographed with his sutecchi blanket since before he was born. The next baby also has it’s own blanket too, so I look forward to the monthly updates that his mummy is so good at taking. Here is an alternative view, but showcasing his gorgeous curls:

Finally, a set of pictures showing me in action and the talent this boy is already showing with his camera skills:

I’m really really looking forward to seeing you all again when your next little baby makes it into the world. In the meantime, take it easy mummy and we *will* get to meet up socially with our little ones whilst you are on maternity leave!

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