~ Princesses ~

I wasn’t sure I had got the right house when I arrived, but a beautiful little girl in a lovely summer dress with a big smile saw me trying to get inside her garden gate and happily told me that it is, ‘sometimes a bit stiff’. It’s lovely when the kids are really looking forward to their sessions with me, she later showed me that she had even written it into her diary, ‘pictures in the garden’. The garden was perfect too – pretty and contained. My photographer head nodded in approval.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon after a great day of celebrations (the Royal Wedding, for those that watched it). It was a great topic to start with to the little girls – talk of princesses and pretty dresses. Talking of princesses, look at these two:

The light was as beautiful as the girls:

They were just adorable and so great to take photos with. In fact, I had a little bit of competition:

I love how she is looking at the back of the camera to check the photo! My heart melts.

Then the eldest wanted to have a go and sat in my lap to take a few pictures of mum and dad. I think she did really well:

It was lovely sharing an afternoon with you and I look forward to seeing you again soon:

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