~ Could be twins ~

I have photographed this family a few times, the first time was when I really was just starting out and I was still charging very little whilst I built up my portfolio. If I remember correctly, I even got a speeding fine on the way back from the session, which pretty much wiped out the money I charged. Ah, learning curves! The second was when the smallest was in her mummy’s tummy, here.

This shoot was so that both girls had a shoot at the same age. At the same age they look so so similar! One of my pictures up on the wall could have been of the youngest, not the oldest a few years ago.

It was a hot day. We have had a lot of hot days. At one point both girls and me were laying on the floor in front of the fan to cool down.

So, here are a few sneak pictures from our session of these beautiful girls. Before they head off to New Zealand for a few years. Wishing you all the best with what the next few years bring, no doubt, I’ll see you all again when you are back, ether professionally or socially.

Aren’t they gorgeous, lucky daddy to be surrounded by some many good looking girls:

Gotta love me some kiddy feet. The eldest was one super bouncer!

Then into the fields for some sweet images:

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