~ On the train to Luton ~

When I was back in the UK recently for the SWPP Convention, I took the opportunity to pop up the road to pick up some post I’d ordered to my mum’s house. She’s an hour North of London on the Midland Mainline train. After finishing late at the Convention, it was going to be tight getting up to Flitwick and back to London in time for me to still make connections back to Twickenham. I was being sms’d times and connections from those in front of a computer (me not having looked it up in advnace).

It was tight. I only just ended up jumping on the last train that would make it all for me.

I’d jumped on the most interesting train carriage I think I’ve ever been in. I will spare you the details in the interest of this being a family friendly blog, but needless to say there were more than a few instances of why people probably move to Switzerland and why the UK can have such bad press. I will jump to the bit where the less savory passengers had left the train and the African gentleman sitting on the other side of the carriage asked me what I was playing on my DS. We ended up having a little bit of a conversation, starting with which stop Luton was. It transpired that I was a photographer and he asked if I would take his picture, so I pulled out my camera and did exactly that. I gave him my card and said I would send him the pictures if he wrote me a mail.

Nothing happened for a while. Back home I’d edited the images. Then he mailed.

It was a very pleasant mail, apologising for the delay in mailing. I replied, attaching the images. This is what he wrote back:

Wow, oh my gosh! Those pictures are the finest of myself that I’ve seen in my whole life. How did you do that? I look so cool in them and very handsome too, you are a genius! Thank you very much, am so in love with the pictures and I thank God I met you on that train.

Once again thank you very much. Wishing you all you wish for yourself and good luck in all your endeavors. Cheers

I like it when things like this happen. It’s good to connect and share. I had a nice warm fuzzy feeling after receiving this mail back, so much so that I wanted to share with you all too. Oh, and the images. Here is Tom:

tom_1 copy

tom_2 copy

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