~ Operation Smile Donations ~

Firstly, a massive massive thank you to all my clients that have been making the additional 20CHF donation that I add on to all my invoices. The donation is entirely optional, but nearly every single one of my lovely clients has added it to at least one of their invoices, if not both.

It was my little girl’s third birthday last weekend and in accordance with my pledge we, as a family, made the additional donation of an extra smile (250CHF for an operation to recreate the cleft/palate in a child).

So, I am pleased to announce that client donations in 2009, since I started donating through my company came to 270CHF. Add onto that the client donations so far this year of 520CHF, I recently donated from clients an awesome total of 790CHF to Operation Smile. That’s at least three more operations that will improve greatly those lives. Thank you everyone for making the donations and keep them coming. I will continue to forward on the money to the charity.

Ontop of that, we made our annual donation of a smile on behalf of Maia. Then from the company, I donated an additional 4 smiles (one per season since I started the pledge) making a total of 8 and a bit smiles (2020CHF). I will now match the client donations, so the more you pledge, the more I pledge.

Additionally, there are still some spots left at the Hilly and Jack Chrisp Picnic Party that is on Sunday 6th August. See post below for more details.

Here is my happy smiley girl, that has herself benefited from the amazing operations surgeons do:

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