~ StyleMixers Review & Event Invitation ~

I had the pleasure of having The StyleMixers, Sophie and Rachel over to my house to look through my wardrobe and give me their valued advice. I was a little apprehensive before the date as I had mixed feelings about my clothe choices and was worried that they would tell me that my whole wardrobe was rubbish and that I would have to go out and buy loads more stuff! I remember once being told by someone whose advice I really valued, that I tended to dress to suit my personality rather than my body shape. We then went through my whole wardrobe after that and created three pile – Yes, No and Maybe. There were only two items in the Yes pile and the rest was equally split between the No and Maybe pile. I guess since then (5 and a half years ago) I have been trying to pick out items better and give it some thought, but still wasn’t sure I was getting it right. Having a baby in the middle though and wearing clothes for practical reasons whilst you try and get back to your previous shape can hinder this process a little, but also be a good reason to just start again with your new shape and style.

The Wardrobe Planning experience that I had left me feeling loads more confident, reassured that I did know my body shape and what worked for me (I just need to wear those clothes more rather than sticking to the comfy old faithfuls and dress it all up a bit more) and I felt as if I’d had a really great four hours. It was relaxed and fun. They followed the session up with a beautiful card with pictures of me in some of the outfits they put together for me as a lovely reminder of what I should be wearing and what to pair with what. There was also a not too long list of a few items that would help pull together some great outfits – namely belts and accessories.

One thing that did stick and I thought about for a while was the fact that I didn’t really own any heels. I was inspired to try on some more heighty shoes rather than stick with footwear that was quite frankly chosen based on comfort rather than style. I kept and eye out and tried on many pairs when I was in town and was surprised at how comfy and easy to walk in their were and how I stood taller and had a better posture in them somehow. Finally I found a pair of black suede stilettos. Following a few boudoir shoots that I have taken recently I took this picture of my new shoes (taken with the help of my daughter):

Not only will the StyleMixers come to your home and help you with your existing wardrobe (as they did with me), they also will go shopping with you, style you for a special occasion and also help you with clothing choices for a photoshoot (with me perhaps?). One of the great things about our time together was that they actually took away with them any clothes that just weren’t right for me (to be donated to charity and with my permission) and they took a lot of care putting everything back in my wardrobe really beautifully. These girls do love their clothes and didn’t make me feel the least bit worried or nervous. They were quick to acknowledge their own body shapes and share how they make the most of their shapes with their choice of clothes and accessories. They ooh-ed and aahh-ed in all the right places and made me feel actually quite attractive and confident in combinations I hadn’t ever thought of putting together myself.

Coming up in a couple of weeks they have their first event. On Sunday 6th November at The Burg there is going to be a Fall Clothes Swap where you can bring 10 items that you have never worn or of very good condition and swap them with other attendees. I’m convinced it’s going to be a great night and recommend you check it out and sign up. I’ve been watching a lot of Gok programmes recently and with the Boudoir shoots that I have done, I am absolutely convinced that every woman can look fabulous no matter what your shape or size. Dressing and loving your body well definitely helps. Remember to https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=126917687407997 if you are interested and I look forward to seeing you there!

I also want to just say a massive congratulations to Rachel and Sophie for starting such a fabulous business and being absolutely brilliant at what they do. I still am thinking of you both as the Style Sisters!

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