~ What I have been up to the last few months ~

Hello world!

How on earth has it got to April already???

So, as there has been very little activity here on the blog and over on my facebook fanpage, I thought it was about time I made another post and updated everyone. Two things: I am still alive and I am still in Basel.

My quest for a programming job bore fruit and I am currently working at Actelion as a Drug Safety Programming Expert. It’s been an interesting few months – I started just at the end of last year on only a few days notice. I am working 50% and this is actually working out to be a really nice balance.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. I LOVE being in a big company again and getting a regular monthly paycheck.
2. I LOVE going for lunch with ‘the girls’, otherwise known as the ‘french connection’ (they are all mostly french speaking).
3. I LOVE the routine of going to the office – something that I had already started in March last year with my office in town.
4. I LOVE having weekends back (after about 5 years!!!) – half with my wonderful daughter and half to do as I like.
5. I LOVE having met a lot of new people that are completely different from my client base.

So, all in all, I am pretty happy with the changes. The 50% means that I can still pick up my daughter at 3pm when she finishes school. I have to be in every day, so days are short for programming work, meaning that on the days I don’t have my daughter each week (Wednesday and Thursday) I can come home and get on with some photography work outstanding – including all my personal stuff. Would you believe that my daughter Maia STILL doesn’t have any albums of her own – this will change in the next few months for sure.

Do I miss working as a photographer full time??? Honestly – not entirely. I am super proud of everything I have achieved and feel great knowing that it’s something I am definitely skilled in. I would totally love to come back to doing it again one day, but preferably with a more stable home life in the background. I love that I have created lots and lots of happy memories for hundreds of families and I love that I have a skill I can use in all walks of life – to gift, to sell or to keep for myself.

I did start a ‘Picture-a-day’ Tumblr at the beginning of this year based on macro photos to keep my trigger happy finger in check. This has fallen a little to the wayside, but I hope to pick it up again and perhaps catch up with posting other photos that I took on the same day in previous years – that is, if I didn’t take a photo that day. Keep an eye out for an update when I get some free time to dedicate to the task.

One exciting trip this year so far – that I took on one of my precious weekends, is the one that I took to visit awesome friends in Montpellier back in Feb. I enjoyed some much needed sunshine on the beach alongside some super days full of laughter, great food and shared time. Here is evidence of that:

Photo credit: Susanna Reay

I’ve been reading books on Simple Living lately and found lots of interesting blogs. I am thinking of posting about how I am reacting to these influences and how I am finding it all. Also, I want to put up more of my every day photos – maybe a summary of each month?

Anyway, if you are interested in my random musings and photos, just leave a comment and it will spur me to add more.

I hope you are all well and happy and I hope to interact with you soon!

Claire x

P.S. If you ask really nicely and I have the time, I am still taking on some photography assignments. Preferably family related ones.

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